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This book is Part 1 of 2 by author Raven A. Nuckols which examines the life and times of Queen Anne Boleyn. It explores what might have happened had the Queen not been executed in May 1536 upon false charges of treason, adultery and incest with her own brother. 

Anne was the 2nd wife of King Henry VIII of England from 1533 - 1536. Thomas Cromwell, the Lord Privy Seal and the King's Chief Minister was her main accuser as she was his main political enemy. Prior to her tragic downfall, Anne was the main catalyst for England's breaking with the Catholic church in Rome spurring the Reformation. Henry's intense passion for her, fed by her refusals ignited a fire that tore the country apart. 

The book is written without dialogue as an actual history book, although it is an alternative history and offers another view on Anne's potential had she survived Henry's dangerous court. The book examines how different England might have been due to her impact alone. Would Anne have continued her zeal for religious reform? What would have become of Elizabeth? Would she have birthed the prized son Henry so desperately wanted?

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The cover art below is a custom piece designed by me and painted as oil on canvas by Philip Howe of Oregon. The idea for the image came to me after reading contemporary accounts of Anne's coronation robes though no official portrait of that day's event existed of her after her execution. 
Had the Queen Lived: An Alternative History of Anne Boleyn 
By Raven A. Nuckols

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